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I have to apologize I have had many distractions over the past month. I had a topic I planned on blogging about but I didn't like how it was coming out so I put it on hold. Next thing you know a few weeks go by and I ditched the topic all together. Then I started posting most of my topics on my fitness IG account @coach_kropp. I have also been chasing down my next interview! I have 2-3 I'm scheduling over the next few weeks.

This past month had me very occupied. I spent a great deal of time revamping my T-shirt website and that had my full attention. Then I started getting into paid advertising and google analytics to see how things are running. I started a project that began with just a page or two and is now evolving into an E-book. I had a few birthday celebrations and donated to Atlantic City. I am no longer working -at my gym and am transitioning online and figuring out what to do with gyms and COVID. I am taking an incredible Functional Nutrition/Medicine course. I think that pretty much covers everything I've been doing behind the scenes the past month.

But I'm back at it now and will have regularly scheduled posts again on those hard hitting topics! As someone who considers himself a coach I have a new perspective for my clientele. I technically don't have a job and when I am working it's at home on my computer. The past seven years I have spent all day every day in a gym. Nothing to distract me from work or working out. Now that I'm home way more often I am starting to understand why some clients struggle. There are days where there is ZERO motivation to leave the house to workout. It's so tempting to eat all day or snack or just watch TV on the couch. This is also what's inspired me to turn my tiny project into an all encompassing e-book. It's very easy to let the wheels fall off. I am experiencing it every day and I have WAY MORE appreciation for the average person who has a family and their life isn't fitness. As a coach, I have to always remember that fitness and weight loss may be number 2, 3 or 4 on their list and I need to coach and push accordingly. For those who follow my IG posts I like to talk about "the ART of coaching" and how you need to adjust accordingly. So while the next 6-18 months of gyms and the world may be up in the air, this is going to be an important detour I need to improve my business and coaching.

Glad to be back....Nick

PS- this e-book is going to be a generalized guide to weight loss and creating the proper environment for success. If you have topics you want covered and questions you want answered please message me!

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