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"Anyone can get it, the hard part is keeping it..."

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

November was a very busy month for me which lead to only one post. I know, I'm slacking! But I don't like to half ass things. I started running my personal training business the first week of November and I put a lot of attention towards my T-shirt business, getting my Christmas designs out and prepping for Black Friday. Now things should be more balanced and I will have a clear head to get my thoughts down.

Today I want to talk about success and results. Business, body composition, wealth, anything. In the song "Wesley's Theory" by Kendrick Lamar, there's a clip from Dr. Dre where he says, "Anyone can get it, the hard part is keeping it motherf***er." It's so true. Anyone can start a business. Anyone can get results working out. Anyone can lose weight. Anyone can start a blog. The hard part is KEEPING IT and being consistent. As you can see I am struggling to just post once a week, which is nothing. My consistent following isn't there so the motivation to write isn't as high as my motivation for my personal training, nutrition and t-shirt businesses. In fact, I think most of my subscribers on here are emails of friends that I personally entered LOL. Personal training and t-shirts directly lead to money in my pocket where as blogging is more of a hobby and potential way to get new followers/business. Therefore you can see how it's more motivating to do things that directly earn money. But the show must go on!

In March I started this journey with a t-shirt business. The end of May was the soft opening and the beginning of June was the true launch of my website and store. Fast forward to today and I'm coming off my best month yet. But that was the easy part. A bunch of Christmas designs and a juicy Black Friday sale, of course I was going to have a banging month. Let's even take a look at my first year in general. Friends, family and clients were about 95% of my customers. They supported me but I cannot rely on that forever. Not everyone is going to buy every single thing I put up on the store. If I truly want to keep the money coming in I need to get strangers to see and buy my products. That's the hard part! Someone who has no idea who I am, if this site is legit, if the products are good quality. If I don't put in the work for 2021, then I will have less sales over 12 months than I did over the past 7 months since my opening. But I'm not worried, I have a bunch of ideas ready for advertising and reaching a new audience. If I ever get complacent you bet your ass I will start to fail.

The same goes for results in the gym and on your weight loss journey. I play the long game with myself and clients. How can you get sustainable results? Any dweeb can tell you to workout more and eat less calories until you hit your weight goal. But then once you stop working as hard and/or revert back to eating habits then what the was point of all of that? Most of my clients who have enjoyed success in the gym and hit their goals have kept their results and some even got even better results as time went on! That's because it's all about changing habits and your lifestyle. The clients must buy into the process. I've seen too many trainers get their clients to achieve a short term goal then a month later they go back to looking how they did before.

This also applies to filling your schedule as a trainer. Anyone can get new clients and have 20, 30, even 40 client appointments per week. That's not hard to do. But to consistently have 25+ clients per week and to have clients stick with you for years is where it is going to take some knowledge and skill. At my first job I had two separate months where I was number 1 in the entire company with $25k in sales. Was I close to that any other month? Of course not and I didn't use a fluke month to define who I was. Anyone can sell $25k a month, the hard part is consistently getting the $25k. I was for sure a salesman that month and "sold out" to get the accolades of top trainer in the company. Then the next few months I barely had any sales. Instead focus on something smaller, something reasonable. And no matter how good of a trainer or salesman you are, you can't plan for pandemics and people losing their jobs or being uncomfortable using a crowded gym.

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The moral of the story today: don't overrate your short term success. Things are never as good or comfortable as they seem. Always strive to keep building and keep getting better. Chose habits that help in the long run, not a quick fix or something you'll give up on in a week. Once you get complacent and things start to slip, that's when your business or your results start to suffer.


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