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Body Comp Update from Cali

During week long training camps where all you do is eat, sleep, train and learn you can easily make changes that could take 3-6 weeks under normal circumstances. With 12 workouts in 6 days and lots of food I was wondering what changes I would see. Sometimes I go away to these camps and put on big size but my stomach is bloated from all the delicious foods I indulge in. It's hard to eat a ton of clean calories when you aren't prepping your meals or cooking. Before the trip I was 204 and sitting around 16-17% according to my BIA device. They tend to run a little high from what I'm told, I think I'm around 13% on the inBody machine. I weighed myself when I got home from my red eye and was 214. I didn't want to do a body comp test because everything would be way off from flying and not sleeping. The 214 may have been a little inflated from the flight but I definitely felt much bigger. The problem was from eating out every meal from the 16th to the 24th. I rarely, rarely eat out. The issue is the cooking oils, processed salts and whatever else they put in the food to make it taste as good as possible. When I do have my cheats I either overeat a lot of fairly healthy things or it's something like pizza or ice cream where I know how its cooked or I can read the ingredients label. This trip was just eat everything in site.

So yeah, stomach was not feeling the best the final day or two. I decided to wait until Sunday morning because that's when I always measure myself. Might as well keep it consistent. My stomach feels great and is no longer bloated. I clocked in at 207 this morning and still have my top 2-4 abs depending on the angle LOL and I feel much bigger and lighter. Sometimes the mirror and how you feel can give a different picture than the scale. I only did one workout since coming home, a Shoulders, Biceps and Triceps Triset Friday morning and holy crap I felt HUGE. Biggest I've felt since pre-pandemic. I followed a 6 month Arm Program with my boy Dom, we were the Princes of Lifetime, and my arm size peaked in March. We know what happened after that. I did hit 210 during my Squat Holiday (that's another topic) but that was mostly leg growth. Now I feel overall everything is bigger and muscular so I am very happy. My shorts and boxers always fit weird because my legs are bigger than my waist.

Back to the weigh in, 207 this morning compared to 204 pre Cali. 214 when I got home. I don't think I lost 7 lbs since I have come home, I think my water levels are way more balanced and I'm no longer inflamed from the foods I was eating. I plugged my numbers into my BIA software and I'm 15% body fat, I lost 3 lbs of fat and gained 2+ lbs of muscle mass, according to the numbers. I haven't been this lean on the BIA device since I bought it in January so I'm excited! There is also a reading for Intracelluar and Extracellular water. You want more Intra than Extra and my Intra levels have increased over the past two weeks and are really close to the max level. Looking at the numbers my lean mass (muscles, bones, organs, soft tissue) is holding more water which is also helping me look more muscular. I'm up 3 lbs of total body weight but my fat loss and skeletal muscle mass changes wash each other out. The 3 lbs is now my muscle and cells are holding more water. That's a good thing. PS- for anyone reading this feel free to comment if my analysis is wrong! I'm not an expert on this machine yet.

Now that I am getting back to my normal workouts tomorrow I need to increase my calories so I don't lose my size. For all the boys I train, I would tell them to eat as much protein as possible and then fill the rest in with calories. It's hard to get high school and college kids who don't cook or don't make money to go out and eat as healthy as possible so I use their youth and muscle to their advantage and let them eat whatever it takes to get bigger. For me, not only can I cook healthy food, I do have some blood sugar issues so I have to be careful about what I eat. My morning glucose is higher than I would like which can lead me to put on belly fat if I overdo the carbs/calories. This has been my kryptonite the past few years. So I will be taking a very powerful blood sugar supplement each day to make sure my 200-300g carbs aren't getting stored as fat. All of this was confirmed when Ryan measured my body fat. The road to optimal body composition is always an experiment and challenge, but in the end it helps me become a better coach and a better detective. In the end I'd rather be 203-208 with a little bit of fluff, a good amount of muscle and feel like a fucking machine in the gym compared to skinny 190. I have too big of an appetite.

Next post will be a wrap up of the two courses. Hope you guys have been enjoying!

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