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Business Updates

I am falling behind on the blog as my business continues to grow. With the weekends being geared to administrative work I am able to squeeze in some quick writing. This is mainly for myself since I have a very small audience but one day when things take off I would like to have things for myself and others to reference back to.

My training and nutrition coaching has taken off. Each week I am getting new clients or current clients want more sessions and it doesn't seem to stop. This is a great thing, but doesn't always leave me with time to sit down and collect my thoughts. I don't like rushing things and would rather provide quality. But alas, these are exciting times!!!

In no particular order here are some of the things I have on my plate besides my actual job:

  1. Writing an e-book

  2. Creating a wireframe for my app idea

  3. Researching app developers and anything app building related

  4. Creating a website for my training and nutrition business

  5. Monitoring and improving my t-shirt business and website

  6. Working on advertising and growth strategies for my t-shirts

I tried mocking up my app idea and failed miserably haha. No idea how to use the software so I'm going to go really basic with a wireframe which is like a story board for a cartoon or movie. Basic sketches in order showing how the app will work. (PS it's January 23rd 2021, let's see how long it takes to come to fruition and if it does in fact become a million dollar idea). Once I have that mapped out I will begin speaking to developers to see who makes the most sense to work with. The investment of time and money will be huge, actually scary, but I am also very excited and believe in it. I'm already telling my clients how this app is going to make me money to buy my own gym.

I am also beginning to create a website for my training and nutrition. Pictures, videos, scheduling system, description of services provided, etc. I will be selling my e-book and future e-books through there. I hope to integrate that with the blog and my t-shirts. Speaking of t-shirts I am constantly tweaking the website to get more customers. I need to improve the layout so people are more inclined to buy and it isn't too cluttered. With that I also need to put a lot of work into email marketing. I have sent a few shirts out to big names and my fingers are crossed for a repost.

On top of that, I need to get half of this done fairly quickly because I plan on renting a tent at farmer's markets across Long Island so I can "sell myself." Whether I bring some t-shirts, free samples of supplements, sell my e-book, I want to have people approach me for all of their health and nutrition questions: Ask the Nutrition Coach. Once the website is up, I can sell my services, supplements, t-shirts and e-book at markets.

Well I think that covers it all. I do not recommend being a one man show. This is becoming very difficult to finish everything myself. But hey, at least I'm not stressed about it!

-Need help with your business? Want to share thoughts and ideas? Send me an email at kropp38@gmail.com so we can chat. And no I'm not taking your email to sign you up, you can do that at your pleasure. I am just here to chat and learn from you.

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