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Before I explain why you should never get fat, there was an ice cream place that was recommended to us after dinner last night. I wasn't planning on having any because I didn't do much during the day and wanted to wait until our training sessions, but they had an Olive Oil flavor and I was really intrigued. Turned out to be fairly plain and didn't taste like anything but was probably the smoothest and creamiest ice cream I have ever had. Now I want a real olive oil flavored ice cream.

Today was our first day of training camp and education. The first three days of the course are specifically for fat loss workouts. How to design, how to progress, rules, etc. The majority of my clients will need to go through this in the beginning or at some point each year like after the holidays. I haven't trained this way in a long time and I forgot how brutal it is. That is why today's title is DON'T EVER GET FAT. Our first workout I was ready to quit after 2 sets (we had 6 total) and there were a few times where I was wondering if I was going to puke. Now I've done some killer workouts that destroyed me like ridiculous Giant Sets for Legs or Strongman circuits in the 95 degree Florida heat. That's a different kind of getting smoked. What we did this morning felt like both of those combined. If you want to avoid having to train this way then DON'T GET FAT!!!

This morning Carissa and I went to get coffee and breakfast before class at 9 am but many spots didn't open until 830 or 9 am. The coffee place I always go to must have changed hours with COVID but the diner I get my omelets at was open and still good. When we arrived at Kilo Strength I noticed a few familiar faces I have taken courses with before and plenty of new faces which is always nice. One of my favorite parts of attending courses is meeting new trainers all across the US/world. Due to travel restrictions this was their first course that was US only.

We started with some introductory slides and the classroom was really hot. I was admiring Stephane's, the instructor, fresh Kilo zip up but was sweating just looking at him. He then asked if anyone else was hot then took off his zip up. BOOM he was wearing my Kropp Tops logo I sent him a few months ago. That was definitely one of the coolest things ever! I was very surprised and we got a good laugh. Maybe the class thinks I'm famous ;)

Now let's get into the workout. When it comes to fat loss, most of the time you will be alternating upper body and lower body workouts in some fashion, with very little rest in between. There are many options but I will not go into detail. It get's super demanding on the heart rate and breathing. Lots of glucose is burned, lactic acid is accumulating and oxygen being used to create a high metabolic demand (when done correctly). This can lead to nausea, cursing, hating life, you name it. What Stephane had us do is the complete opposite of how I train. I need rest in between sets. I like strength and hypertrophy methods. Not total body beat the shit out of everything. I got fluffy two and a half years ago and vowed to not get that bad ever again! (30th birthday, end of summer, cousin's bachelor party, it all added up).

When we broke for lunch I went right back to my hotel room and had to shower. I'm a diva, I sweat a lot and feel dirty or greasy after a workout and always have to shower. Even when I'm away and will workout twice per day. While everyone went somewhere to eat I had to shower and change. Don't worry, we had plenty of time and I crushed a huge bowl at Chipotle.

The second half of class we started to learn theory and he made us write up sample 3 month fat loss programs. I was one out of three to correctly complete the proper template, but still had a few errors. I'm almost there and I already knew about the errors which is why I needed to come here. I have been experimenting with fat loss templates for the past year and half so once I finally learn "the rules" I'll be torturing everyone who wants to get shredded. For those who are trainees or inexperienced trainers, there is a process to writing up workouts. You need proper timing and progression. About 90% of the industry gives you random workouts which is not optimal. If you can get 10% better results in half the time that is worth a lot of money!!

The second workout of the day was not as bad as the first workout but was still challenging. When we wrapped up class I felt really confident with my level of knowledge, but super eager to learn more. We went back to the hotel to shower and I was STARVING. I couldn't wait for dinner. I had about 5 handfuls of trail mix (but a healthy-ish version), I probably had half a bag of dried fruit, I ate almost half a sleeve of saltines and I'm probably forgetting more. Two a day workouts, especially this demanding and my level of muscle/leanness, I can eat carbs after workouts. Plus it helps relax the nervous system/decrease cortisol from the stressful workouts.

Once I finished snacking we went out to dinner and met with one of the girls we met from the class. She's Russian and knows a lot of the same people and coaches that I do so it was nice to chat with her. It was also really nice because Carissa loves talking about everyone from home and gets so wrapped up in other trainers and what they do and why they don't do certain things. I don't have time to worry about other people and I'm on vacation I honestly don't care what everyone at home is doing. I have to keep yelling at her to stop worrying about others and focus on what we are doing this week. Yes I sound like an asshole, but this mindset helps me focus. It is what it is. The reason I am sharing things like this is to teach everyone about mindset. If it makes me sound like a dick then so be it. Having Anastasia with us gave Carissa someone to talk to so I could relax, clear my head and enjoy the Wagyu flank steak.

When we got back to the room I was hoping to watch a movie or read but I was so shot I passed out right away. Actually, I started blogging but didn't like how it was coming out so I went to sleep. I'm currently typing this up at a cafe before class. I ordered steak and eggs and the waitress came back and said they're out of steak. BOO. But anyway I have to rush and add a few pics we only have 30 mins to finish eating and drive to class. We are cutting it close, goodbye!

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