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Cali Day 3: Light bulb!

I received a little backlash from some people who said I was too mean with my last post. That's okay, I already admitted I can be. I like to push people to be a little better so it may come off that way. Not everyone can handle the truth. Any time I have been challenged or called out it only made me better.

Today was exactly what I came for. I have been experimenting with fat loss protocols/workouts/methods for the past year and a half. I have done a few consults with other coaches to understand better. I have read books and dug through old articles from some of the all-time greats. But I felt like I was about 80% of where I needed to be. Today, Stephane filled in most of the blanks and the light bulb went off. I got everything I was looking for and feel like I'm >95% now. Sure there is always room for improvement but I've felt super excited and confident the entire day. Confidence goes a LONG way in coaching and ensuring success for your clients. Any hesitancy or doubt and your client may not believe in you. The best part is these types of workouts will get results without a crazy diet.

The morning workout sucked again but I am enjoying the large quantities of food. I think I sweat out about 5 lbs of water. During our lunch break we went back to shower and went out to eat. Unfortunately we didn't time it correctly and were late to get back to class. Two of our classmates came with us and we all ordered to go. I smoked a box of chicken and waffles outside the classroom while Stephane was teaching. Still managed to answer a few questions with waffle hanging out of my mouth. I wanted to take a picture but it didn't look aesthetically pleasing in the box. Again, the afternoon discussion filled in the blanks I was missing and really opened up my toolbox. I can't repeat enough times, out of all of my mentors Stephane Cazeault of Kilo Strength Society has helped me out the most. I owe a lot to Poliquin for his knowledge and the connections I have made but Stephane has helped everything make sense to me. I owe him a lot.

I spoke with one of the guys from the course and it turns out he knows one of my close friends and colleagues, Lanell Beckles. We spoke about training camps we have done and want to attend. Sounds like I have a new buddy to jump in on the internships with. I love getting a huge group together. We will be planning either Florida or Dominican Republic next. That will be a fun trip!! Speaking of the Dominican, Ryan Crossfield who is also here at Kilo just did a private internship there. We have been exchanging stories about our experience. If I wanted to move out to LA I can come and work with him, but I don't think I'm a west coast guy. I just like visiting, for now.

The PM workout sucked too. Didn't see that coming did you? We had to do sets of 15-20 reps. I think I blew my load on the squats. I was practically useless on any leg exercises after that. 6 squats are considered cardio for me so 15-20 is murder! Set two I felt my boxers rip. Set three they ripped even more. I kept checking my shorts because all of my Lululemons tear from squatting. I guess they can't handle my thighs. These ones held up, thank god because I really like them. I must have had half a bag of dried mango after workout one and the other half after workout two. I like dried fruit when you need a lot of carbs quickly. I don't recommend it for people interested in dropping fat. The whole bag was about 440 calories so probably ~100 grams of carbs and didn't fill me up one bit.

A group of us went out for sushi and I was pretty wiped. It was hard to keep up in conversation, I just wanted to close my eyes. Two workouts plus 4+ hours in the classroom learning can use up all of your brain cells. I didn't add much to the conversation and once they started talking about body building I hit the mute button. I have zero interest in body building or competing. Never got into it or the training and nutrition and have no desire to so I tuned out to enjoy my food and rest my brain. I asked the waitress which rolls were best, and the Refreshing Roll sounded really refreshing (being serious) so I got that. Holy crap my favorite roll of all time. Who would think sushi could taste so refreshing? It's the perfect name. Some combination of citrus, cilantro, jalapeno, salmon or tuna, and maybe something else but I could eat about 5-6 of those rolls. We all got ice cream after too. For the average person that works out, your workout does not earn you ice cream when you want. We are training under different circumstances and most are fairly lean so we can afford to have it.

We invited everyone back to the hotel to go in the hot tub but it looks like we will have to plan that out in advance. Not everyone had bathing suits with them. I think the ice cream actually woke me up plus one of the girls is a massage therapist so we were talking about some massage/gua sha/fascia techniques. I then told her about Simone Fortier, who I have taken two courses with and everyone needs to go see! Of course once there is an interesting topic I will perk up and talk someone's head off. The hot tub was a great way to wind down from the day. It was just as refreshing as that damn roll. My bathing suit barely fits me, my legs were pumped from all of the workouts and the sushi plus huge plate of chicken fried rice I had with dinner. Let's see if I wake up really lean tomorrow or a little fluffy in the stomach. I'll put it in the PS when I post.

Final thoughts....I will share some of my supplementation to help with recovery. I take a Fruits and Greens drink when I wake up and before bed. Great antioxidants, may help with the lactic acid build up in all of the workouts. Glutathione before bed for liver/immune support. When trashing your body you don't want to get sick. Plenty of electrolytes and Essential Amino Acids during training. After the second workout I have been taking Magnesium Glycinate as a "muscle relaxant" for recovery. After dinner I take Magnesium Threonate to calm the central nervous system down and relax me. Then before bed I do the Glycinate again with Inositol and Taurine to really knock me out. Under normal circumstances I sleep great but when I train this hard and get sore I tend to wake up more in the middle of the night. I guess I will throw in an extra PS about my sleep as well. It's 10 PM and I want to get off the computer. Goodnight!

PS: feeling really lean/light today. Always a good thing. But walking sucks.

PS 2.0: Sleep was ehhhh. My legs are so damn sore it woke me up. Also the fan for the air was shut off. Even though I had it set to 66 it felt like it was 76. Once I cranked that baby high I was finally able to get back to sleep.

PS 3.0: if you get the light bulb reference in the video then I'm sending you a hug

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