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Updated: Feb 25, 2021

It's 6 PM on Wednesday and I'm back in NY. I have a half hour to kill before my final client of the day and I've been a zombie for half of it. I would much rather cancel him and stay home and watch the Rangers because it's been over a week since I've caught a game, but I'm back on the grind. I've probably been up since 4 AM with a few naps in between and I'm anticipating being wide awake later so I'll just tape the game and stay up. Our final day of the trip was nice. After Carissa finished her massage we went to breakfast. I had my heart set on a pile of french toast, but I really needed protein so I went with the chicken and waffles with a side of french toast. Delicious. But I'm at the point where I cannot wait to go home and start cooking for myself again. If I eat out it's once a week, not 3 meals a day for 8-9 days straight. My stomach does not enjoy the oils that restaurants cook in. I miss my ground beef and rice. I can eat that every day and feel great.

After breakfast it was super nice out so we laid out by the pool and alternated swimming with the hot tub. I managed to get a little color even though it was only a couple of hours. We took a late checkout at 4 PM and then hit the road to LAX. Our last ride in the camaro. I thought our luggage was going to fly out of the back seat while we were on the freeway, it was packed to the brim. We blasted Taking Back Sunday and 50 mins later we got to the rental returns. Not much traffic and it didn't take long to check in at the airport so we had 3 hours to kill when we got to the terminal. There were 0 restaurants open and 0 snack shops. We ended up walking to the next terminal and they didn't have much so we walked to the International terminal. The airport was dead. Not sure if it was because it was ~7PM on a Monday night but it was weird seeing hundreds of staff members and no travelers. The International terminal had more clothing shops open than food places. Hermes, Gucci and a few others I can't remember. Airports run a nice scam when it comes to food. I ordered a salad with steak and added extra chicken. $25 got me about 3 slices of steak and 4 slices of chicken.

I'm disappointed I didn't read much this week or on the flight home. I need to make that a priority but I also need to be in the mood to read otherwise I don't retain the information. I had my fingers crossed that the movie selection would change on the way home but that did not happen. The only two good movies left were Tenet and the Lego Movie. It would be a sin to watch Tenet on a tiny plane TV. You need the speakers pumping that score against your ear drums and watching in 4K. I ended up watching Chopped probably because I was hungry and I didn’t think I’d stay up for a movie anyway. I always wear my Red tinted blue light blockers. That way the light doesn't stimulate my eyes and keep me up. The flight was about 4-4.5 hours and it felt even quicker than that. I only slept for an hour or two and it's been hitting me all day. I got home around 630 AM and had two appointments at 830 and 930. I thought I was going to pass out and blow through my alarm but luckily I made it. After training I came home and napped then did some food shopping so I could eat the rest of the week. Did a weigh in and I’m up from 204 lbs 10 days ago to 214 lbs today. Tomorrow and Sunday I will do measurements and go over how my body composition changed. I finished setting up payroll and I got my last document from the DOL so I can finish my taxes next week. My brain isn't ready to look at my notes and catch up on all the programs I need to write so I will do one or two while I watch the Rangers when I get home. Then I will do the rest after my morning clients tomorrow. No working out for me until Friday or Saturday so I will have plenty of time for that the next two days.

My client should be here soon so I am logging off. I will post a full recap/review of the Fat Loss and Hypertrophy courses this weekend. Still need time for everything to sink in and for a fresh night of sleep. Goodnight.

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