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California Trip Day 1: Plane Rides and Panic Attacks

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Over the next week+ I will be recapping each day while visiting the lovely Huntington Beach in California. Most of it will be training and eating related, along with anything else I find interesting. I am visiting Kilo Strength Society to attend their 3 day Body Composition course followed immediately with their 3 day Hypertrophy course. I will share some nuggets from the courses and what we do training wise. Each day consists of two workouts per day so I get to eat extra!

The journey started with a Monday night flight and today's post will cover that and everything that happened up until now, Tuesday night. As we speak I am at a gym waiting for my friend Carissa while she gets stretched by one of the local FST practitioners, so I have plenty of time to write.

We took a late flight out of NY just to squeeze some clients in, but also not waste a day for travel. The flight was smooth; I spent the majority of it reading and watching movies. The first movie I picked was Shawshank Redemption. A classic which I have only seen once and that was about 15 years ago. I couldn't remember anything that happened so it was like watching for the first time. Really enjoyed it but I don't have it as an all time top 5-10 like many do. I followed that up with Robin's Story, sort of a documentary about the late, brilliant Robin Williams and his death. I was afraid I was going to start bawling my eyes out but I kept my composure. It's sad how the media portrays him to be depressed or crazy and how all the news stations disturbed the family and neighborhood while they were mourning. All for ratings and views. It would be nice for the media to be held accountable for spreading misinformation but that will never happen. Anyway, Robin's death was really sad and due to Lewy body dementia, not depression/anxiety/psychosis or whatever the media initially spread. I also did some reading in between of Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich." More to come later.

Once we landed we went to the rental car agency and picked up the convertible I reserved. I was hoping for the Black Mustang, or black anything, that was advertised but we ended up with a Red Camaro. It's a very nice car and I won't complain, but I really like black cars. It wasn't that much more expensive than a standard sedan so why the hell not! Gotta enjoy the Pacific Coast Highway baby. Got some good mileage out of her from LAX to Huntington Beach and then we settled in to our room.

I was afraid I would be unable to sleep until a decent time since we didn't get in until 12:30 am and we were still on EST, but I managed to sleep until 6:30 then fell back asleep until about 8:30 and felt good to go. I woke up to an email from the T-shirt artist who finished up my two designs that needed editing and threw those bad boys up on the store. A few orders were put in, one happened to be an old friend from elementary school who owns a CrossFit gym. We chatted and when I get back from Cali I will be meeting with her to talk business. I would like to get my tees in CrossFit gyms or at least advertise there. More to come!

Carissa and I grabbed coffee at 602 Coffee and I had a delicious bananas foster cold brew. I asked them if they could open up a shop in Long Beach, New York. I think the vibe would be perfect there. I also find baristas to be extra cute and always need to practice talking to strangers/good looking girls lol. When we got back from breakfast we went down to the pool, instead of the beach. It was in the low 60s and very windy. Much warmer than 20-30 with snow back in NY but somehow I felt just as cold. I threw on my iPod and continued with my book (BONUS BLOG: I will be sharing my "chill" playlist that I found great for relaxing by the pool and cruising down the Pacific Coast). Napoleon Hill's "Think and Grow Rich" is great so far, and I can confidently say I have been practicing his thoughts/methods for quite a while now. The two chapters I read were about FAITH and DESIRE. If you have the desire to achieve something you will make it happen. If you have faith and believe in yourself then it will manifest itself. Any self doubt and negativity pushes you further away. When it comes to my business and education, things don't happen on accident. I make sure my clients get results. I make sure I make money. I make sure my business is running smoothly and successfully. There is no option for failure. I am very confident in my abilities and my products, and that right there are the initial steps towards success.

After the pool the fun began! Carissa does not mind me disclosing, especially since it wasn't serious, so I will share the hour long episode we dealt with. I was working on my computer, getting ready to begin my blog and finishing up a client's program, when Carissa came into my room saying she was dizzy, anxious, not feeling well etc. A combo of caffeine and dehydration can do that to you but she was super worried, actually called the fire department and had medics come in. I gave her plenty of electrolytes, magnesium and vitamin C to help mitigate the caffeine and rehydrate her. Then I told her to stop calling everyone in her phone book and just lay down and relax. When the medics came in they said everything looks great just drink Gatorade and lay down. (abbreviated version of the story) Already on that boys ;) I left right after to get a few things from Target to make sure her and I can get through the training sessions that are looming and grabbed a few things so she would feel better.

At Target a guy asked me about trail mix I threw in my cart and commented about my San Jose Sharks hat. I told him I'm a Rangers fan visiting from NY then we talked about the course I was taking, exercise, COVID and supplements. Long story short he was very interested in our conversation, asked for my phone number and said he would like to reach out about my zoom nutrition coaching. Wow, a client all the way in California! Just from grabbing trail mix and wearing a San Jose hat. And my former manager always told me I would never get clients if I left the gym. LOL. That's a whole topic in itself ;) maybe one day down the road.

I think that covers the fun parts of the day. She has about 10 minutes left in her session before we head out to an Italian place tonight. I can't decide between the salmon or chicken marsala. Maybe the waitress will let me know which portion is bigger. Once we get back home I want to get in bed as early as possible so I am ready for Day 1 at Kilo. I don't expect any extracurricular stories outside of the course, but who knows what adventures will come next!

PS: if you had diarrhea over the past 14 days you are not allowed in the pool.

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