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Day 5: Hypertrophy Camp

I'm writing this recap the morning after at a coffee shop near the beach. It's a really nice view and I wish I could spend more time here. There are some cute puppies here too. Last night we got back from dinner late and I was too tired to focus and didn't want to be looking at a computer screen. I hope I remember everything!

Yesterday was our first day of Hypertrophy. For the average person who doesn't know what that means, it's building muscle. There are different workouts for achieving fat loss and there are different workouts for building muscle. This is more my wheelhouse since you get to actually rest in between sets. Once again Stephane really cleared up a few things I was unsure about and I feel really, really good going forward for both my clients and myself. We went over a lot of the physiology of what needs to occur in the body to build new muscle. For the workout portion one of the methods used is my favorite method, Heavy/Light. It's self explanatory. You do a superset of the same/similar exercise; one is slow and heavy and the second is lighter and a little faster. It was chest and back day so we did Bench Press and the light exercise was a slightly wider grip. Damn I have never felt a chest pump like this before. By the end of the workout I went from A cups to B cups. Anyone else feel themselves up after a pump? But after all these years of training I haven't been executing the workouts optimally. A slight little tweak that I will now use with myself and the boys I train can make a significant long term difference.

Before class, Ryan did my body fat measurement with calipers. I haven't done that in a long time. Well it turns out a few spots are much higher than normal and they are my blood sugar and carb sites. One is a reflection of HbA1c, or my blood sugar over the past 3 months. My theory is in this order: 1) meal size/timing has been different with my new work schedule 2) coffee/types of carbs I'm eating (but I feel like I've been picking carbs I do well with) and 3) still elevated from when I ate whatever I wanted from Thanksgiving-December. Only way to find out is to get a Continuous Glucose Monitor but I will definitely be taking a blood sugar control supplement on the regular now, instead of only with heavy carb/cheat meals. I've been meaning to do a full blood panel to confirm a few of these things but the lab in CT that I wanted to use won't take NY residents. The Quest labs near me don't have great panels, so I need to figure something out.

Soreness has actually dissipated but we have a brutal leg day looming. Tomorrow may be a different story. We picked up a new roommate yesterday. Garrett from Arizona is now staying in the common room of the suite since he decided to stay the extra 3 days for the hypertrophy course. Him and Carissa talk a lot about body building and macros, my two least favorite subjects haha. But that's fine with me, I need to rest my brain. I'm used to traveling with Lanell Beckles and we're good at working hard in the gym/class room then relaxing at night. I'm also used to having 4 meals a day and here we just have breakfast, lunch, dinner and whatever I'm snacking on. It's harder for me to get my 200+ grams of protein, especially when most places you order from gives you 4-8 oz portions. I need to make sure I have extra protein the remaining days. One thing we talked about with hypertrophy is the net protein balance. If you are training your ass off and breaking down you need extra protein for rebuilding. I think today I will go to Whole Foods to grab a couple of rotisserie chickens. Plus that will save a good amount of money, somehow I'm spending $40-50 each night on dinner.

Back to the workouts, I am paired up with Brandon from Dallas. I am a huge fan of him, I think I previously mentioned we're already trying to set up internships in the DR with JC Simo or Florida with Preston Greene. He's thinks just like me and he's a great workout partner. It's always nice having someone bigger and stronger than you to push you during the workouts.

Not much else happened, or my brain is fried and I am forgetting. Time to go pick up Carissa and Garrett so we can eat breakfast. Peace.

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