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Day 6: Giant Sets

Yesterday was gorgeous the entire day. Mid 70s and sunny, little breeze. Now that I am fully understanding fat loss, I am slowly getting there for hypertrophy. We focused on both short term and long term programming. There are a lot of nuances to make sure things are optimal. Before I really knew anything about writing workouts I used to do random phases and give random routines to my clients. Ok let's do German Volume Training, now we're done let's do 6-12-25, ok next let's try Heavy/Light, etc. As a beginner 5 years ago that was okay I guess, but I never felt like I was in really great shape or building muscle. Luckily I have been learning from Stephane and Kilo and now I know what methods to use but more importantly when to use them. To the average client they really don't know what's going on, they are just there to execute the workout and do what the trainer tells them. Once in a while they may ask why they're doing that particular workout, but don't realize that what you do week 1/month 1 with your trainer you hired will play a role in setting up what you do month 6 or even year 3. For Hypertrophy purposes you need to track volume and intensity (not how much you sweat but how heavy you lift) to make sure they are adjusted accordingly. Unfortunately many trainers out there deliver cookie cutter or random programs without any rhyme or reason.

The PM workout was a brutal Giant Set, aka 5 leg/quad dominant exercises in a row. I love doing Giant Sets for legs, but not while I'm doing them lol. Usually Quad Giant Sets require much more output and load so they are more challenging. Doing a bunch of squat variations is a lot different than doing a bunch of row/pulldown variations. I also love Giant Sets for a huge Arm or Back pump. The great part is this method is versatile. Great for a beginner to get started but also great for someone advanced to obliterate them. I was pathetic doing body weight lunges by the end while everyone is using dumbbells. Oh well. Brandon was really pushing me hard and making sure it was executed properly. The entire time all I could think of was the scene from Ace Ventura when Carrey gets the spears thrown at his legs.

For dinner I decided to go out on my own and ended up having a great night. I went to Whole Foods and grabbed a rotisserie chicken, dried fruit and a few cookies. $17 and got more protein than my $50 meals. Much better. I planned on only eating half the bag of dried fruit so I could have some after our Arm workout tomorrow afternoon, but if there is food in front of me I keep eating. The chicken said it had 40g of protein per serving and 10 servings. There's no way that bird had 400g of protein. I'd say it's closer to 160-180g of protein. When I got back to the room, Carissa and Garrett were still at the hotel restaurant. I wanted a light night so I watched dumb crap on YouTube like Bill Hader Breaking Character on SNL and my favorite dynamic duo, Gil Faizon and George St. Geegland. Two characters played by Nick Kroll and John Mulaney. They also have their own Netflix show, Big Mouth, which is must see TV. I laughed my ass off all night and this was exactly what my brain needed. We have one day left of learning and workouts, I needed to recharge the batteries. 9:30 hit and I actually fell asleep for an hour. You ever get so tired you can't move and get up to go brush your teeth? That was me. I kept closing my eyes thinking I'd get up in 5 mins, but that turned into an hour. I slept good though and I'm ready to roll for our last day.

Carissa and I haven't decided if we will still take a red eye home tomorrow night or switch to an earlier flight. I originally wanted to spend the whole day at the beach then go out to eat and fly home, but I know how tired I'll be it may be a good idea to catch an afternoon flight, while still getting some time in the sun. We will see how Day 7 goes. I am starting to feel a little fluffy in the mid section. I've been eating a ton of carbs but I am not worried yet. With this type of training and eating you may look a little inflammed or soft however the supercompensation effect "should" have me looking either bigger or leaner in about a week. I'll be taking off a few days to recover while also being diligent with my cooking and eating. I actually had a lot of fun food shopping last night and miss it lol. I like cooking all of my meals, not big on eating out. So a week from now I should be looking better.

I believe that covered everything. Today is our last day. I'm excited but also upset. I love coming here and being with everyone. At least I will be fully recharged and ready to go when I get back to work on Wednesday. I hope my clients are ready to put in the work!

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