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Day 7: Last Day of Camp

It's Tuesday morning and I'm writing this much later than anticipated. When I got back to the room last night I spent over an hour making those videos where you can impose your head into the scene. That was wildly entertaining and I was cracking up, by the time I finished my videos it was too late to be on the computer typing away. They were a big hit on Instagram when I posted. Carissa is currently getting a massage for the next hour so here is my window to type before we get breakfast and get ready to check out. We stopped for coffee quick and the barista I liked from last week was there! Brown hair, brown eyes, a couple of tattoos on her arms. I was caught staring at her lol. One of the other baristas put my coffee in front of me and I had no idea. I was trying to picture what she would look like without a mask. Sometimes you look at someone's eyes and they are attractive then they pull the mask down and they look like a completely different person. I'm not judging, and I know you all think it too! But yeah, very attractive and if she lifts weights she would be my type to a T. Even Carissa noticed I was staring haha. If I wanted to be creepy I could look up the coffee shop on Instagram and then look for her but I'll stick to blogging for now lol.

Yesterday was bittersweet. What a great day but also a little sad knowing we won't see Steph, Alex and Kelsey for a while. Some of the best people you'll meet! During class we went over long term programming for Hypertrophy and some more of the finer details. You always want to focus on the long term picture. I want my clients for life. I don't want to get pretty good results in 3 months then they disappear or regain fat. That's not the point, anyone can do that. I want to be able to changes habits, lifestyle and even your entire life! Examples: I'm waiting for bloodwork from my nutrition client who was denied life insurance last year. If he gets approved that's huge for him. Even though he lost weight and feels great, having life insurance for his family is super important. Another client who is having his 5th kid told me this time it took pretty much one shot whereas when he was younger and not as healthy it was harder to get his wife pregnant. Pretty cool stuff. I hope him and his wife don't mind me sharing lol. Don't worry you are anonymous!

Yesterday's workouts were great. I couldn't handle any more legs mentally so to do Upper body then Arms and Shoulders in the PM was the perfect way to end. I had lunch with Jacob from New Orleans and Paul from Washington (I think) and we had a great conversation. They said they liked all my t-shirts I wore and then Paul gave me this great idea for how to improve my sales. Once I get home I will look into the program to implement on my website and that should really help.

Dinner was great! Carissa and I went with Leslie and Isaac, aka Ken Jeong, to American Dream and got burgers. I got the pastrami burger with a pretzel bun, one of the best burgers I've had. Just a little greasy and too much mustard. But overall the combo was delicious. I told Isaac he could lock himself in the trunk of the Camaro and pull the escape hatch and jump out and scare everyone. We topped that off with ice cream and then chatted for a while. Leslie used to work at a Lifetime as well so we all traded stories. All of the trainers I have met that have previously worked at Lifetime had the same things to say. So far we are all more successful on our own. Of course Lifetime has been a stepping stone and helped us, but I'll never be a fan of the corporate gym.

I had to share a funny story with them. One night when it was just Carissa, Garrett and myself, Carissa told him he looked like someone. He said Tom Cruise. I gave a chuckle because I thought he was being facetious. I do the same thing except say Brad Pitt. In fact, back at Lifetime we had a trivia day during one of our mandatory unpaid meetings and I went under the moniker Brad Pitt. Naturally, Pitt was at the top of the list the entire game and crushed everyone. I think I won $50 actually, and not LT Bucks. Everyone whispered, "who's Brad Pitt?" I thought in my head it was obvious (I'm kidding) and didn't reveal myself until the end. Ok so anyway he told us you haven't seen my hair though. He takes his hat off and I don't see Tom Cruise at all and neither does Carissa. So I'm still laughing and she tells him no, you look like a big, burly guy and I almost spit my drink out across the table. Carissa and I are annoyed that we let him stay with us and drove him around and he upped our tabs with the drinks he ordered, and he never offered to pay for anything, get us coffee, grab our lunch, nothing. In fact, there was a group of 5 of us when class ended and his Uber was outside he said goodbye to the other 4 people and walked right passed me. I don't really care about that, I'm sure he just wanted to hang out with Carissa but again we just drove you around and gave you a place to stay for two nights. At least give a face to face thanks.

Alright, Carissa should be done with her massage soon so time to wrap up. I really want as much French Toast as possible wherever we go for breakfast. I hope I didn't forget any events from yesterday, tomorrow when I post after the red eye I will give a bigger recap of the entire trip. I've gotten more views than ever so maybe I will continue this type of style instead of more "article/topic" style. I'm looking forward to coming back, I have a TON OF WORK to do. I need to write up 10+ programs for my clients, I have a lot of templates I need to work on, and all my clients I'm training this weekend. I should be caught up with my work by Sunday, or next Sunday lol. I also need to finish setting up my payroll, I technically haven't paid myself since I started in November. But the good thing is whatever I put on my business card I can pay off with the business account before taxes are taken out. Yeah baby. I owe my mom a birthday dinner when I get home. Every year for the past 4 years I have traveled during President's Week and missed her birthday. I always feel bad and she doesn't know. I can't help that's when they schedule courses! Once my t-shirts make millions I'll get her a Florida home to retire to and maybe a car too.

Oh, I forgot to add I ran out of boxers from all the workouts and I'm going commando the rest of the trip. Good thing it's just today and tonight's flight. Enjoy your day!

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