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Invest In Yourself - Pt. 1 Business

Updated: Nov 2, 2020

When I first started off as a Personal Trainer I would get a $1 raise for every new certification I earned. To me that gave me an incentive to learn more. If a certification cost $300 then I knew it would take about 2 months, ~35+ clients per week, for that raise to pay for the cost. Then I got to a point where I maxed out my raises for certifications and it then had to do with how many clients I trained and how much the gym was charging. For a young, immature thinker like myself at the time, now there wasn't as much of an incentive to go learn. If I spend X amount on a course, I'm not getting that dollar raise to pay for the cert. And the courses I wanted to take were jumping into the $1000s.

I remember getting introduced to the late Charles Poliquin through a friend. I was asking him some questions about what certifications to get and where he learned all of his stuff from and he told me to just take everything Charles teaches. The first one was $1200 if I remember correctly, may have even been more, and I was stressed out on how I could possibly drop over $1000 on a course. But I was hungry and wanted to be a better trainer and bit the bullet. Needless to say after that course I was blown away!! Not only would Charles teach about the science of training/nutrition/lifestyle, he would drop all sorts of nuggets. Here's a book on this, here's a book on that, here's how you can adjust your business. And two principles he taught were "You learn more, you earn more" and "Invest in Yourself." It was also around that time where one of my clients told me "Your 20s are for learning and your 30s are for earning." Seeing these two very successful men preach learning completely changed my mindset and how I looked at things. I decided I should start copying successful people and what they do. It was no longer a COST, it was now an INVESTMENT.

The prices for courses I was interested in began to double, but once I looked at it as an investment and not a cost, it was a no brainer. I'm not spending $2000, I'm investing $2000 to gain knowledge to improve my business, make more money and most importantly, get my clients better results. Every year (let's not count 2020 lol) I have steadily increased my income and 2021 should bring out the best yet! Because of the knowledge and experienced gain I am getting my clients better results. That means they are staying with me longer (more long term money) and they are referring their friends and family (more money again). This also cuts down on cost and time spent on advertising myself (hey more money for me and more time for other things). And each year I am able to raise my price (see a trend yet?) In fact over the past 4-5 years I have not walked the gym floor to get clients. I got new clients from posting results on social media, referrals from clients or people watching me train my clients.

My personal training career has been established for 7 years now, that's easy I already have a following and clients. Now my T-shirt business is a different beast. While sales have been pretty solid for a brand new company without paid advertising yet, I would not be surprised if my expenses wipe out any income I will make. But that's okay with me, 2020 is going to be my year of building and investing. Put in time and money now, make mistakes now. I have a full library of designs and did some experimenting to see what works and doesn't work. Next year I won't have to pay artists for as many designs, I just need the bare minimum to run my website then I will be doing paid advertising. That investment in advertising will open the door to new customers and eyes, which hopefully leads to an increase in sales.

So for anyone looking to advance in their career, start a business or just make more money, you have to invest into yourself! If you want to make $1 million in the stock market you can't invest $10. The bigger the investment the more money you can make. For 2021, the bigger the investment I make on advertising, the more money my T-shirt company will make.

Stay tuned for Part 2 - Health

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