• Nick Kropp

Is the Goal to Live Longer?

Over the past few months my view on "living longer" has slightly changed. Everyone wants to live longer, myself included, but we should slightly change this statement. Instead of striving to live as long as possible we should focus more on slowing aging and improving longevity. I want to live younger, longer. I want to be healthy longer. What fun is it to live late into your 80s and 90s but suffer? We all know or have witnessed older people with crippling conditions. Maybe it's your grandfather who cannot walk anymore and is stuck in a wheelchair. Maybe it's your aunt who has dementia and does not remember your name. What happens when that family member lives with that for years? That is how you remember them. Now imagine you being stuck in a wheelchair or forgetting your children and grandchildren. I sure as hell don't want to experience that. Modern medicine has been able to greatly extend life, but it doesn't necessarily mean you have the quality of life. Sure living to 100 years old would be an amazing feat, but being stuck in a home, relying on others to bath and dress you, rarely seeing loved ones is not how I want to go out! I'll take 80-85 and out running my grandchildren over an extra 10-15 of pain or suffering. Not to mention living in those homes will likely drain your retirement savings.

This is why at age 30 I started doing everything in my power to extend quality of life. Exercise, diet and supplementation. What we are currently seeing with COVID is how metabolic syndrome is causing a lot of complications and deaths. It can also be linked to many diseases and health issues. Managing blood sugar, managing stress levels, sleeping, healing your gut, supporting your brain, making sure you get enough antioxidants, nutrients and essential fatty acids, improving mitochondrial health. These are all things that should be taken into consideration so you can feel YOUNGER for a LONGER period of time.

Trust me, modern medicine has its place. Some things are inevitable. But many things can be preventable or at least slowed down. We live in a pro-inflammatory and stressed world which increases aging and sickness. The good thing is the human body is amazing with how it can heal itself. Provide the right nutrition and supplements along with SLEEPING, and it's like taking a magic pill. The way modern medicine works is you get LABELED with something and you have to live with it. Here is your prescription to take for the rest of your life. Most of these are just hiding your symptoms, not getting to the root cause. And most of these will cause more damage taken long term. You don't have to have diabetes, high blood pressure, depression, etc your entire life. The problem is most people have the cavalier attitude of "I'll wait until I'm unhealthy." By then it may be too late. If we can change our thinking then we can make big improvements on longevity and quality of life!

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