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L-Theanine: Beat Down Stress and Anxiety

I am very big on supplements and feeling my best. I had my choice of hundreds of different sup to review but I decided to go with L-Theanine first. Mental health is a huge issue in the United States and everyone is always stressed out. We are 7 months into a pandemic and one month out from the presidential election. Most of the United States has been a shit show to say the least. That is why I am giving you guys the low down on L-Theanine today.

Controversial statement: anxiety is not a disease or sickness, and it is not something that you need to live with. Anxiety is simply from having an imbalance of neurotransmitters in your brain. If you have never heard of neurotransmitters then check out my article "My Secret to Success" from last month. Everyone has stress everyday. The key is how you react to this stress. Some people may seem like they are care free and things just bounce right off of them while others are wound up tight and if one little thing is off they let it ruin their mood or day. The difference there is the brain chemistry.

When it comes to supplements I have a rule where I must take them before reviewing and suggesting for clients. With L-Theanine I have never taken it on its own, but I have been taking it in my sleep stack for the past 2-3 years and have had the best sleep of my life. Usually when people have trouble sleeping it's because they are on their phones, computers, TVs or tablets all night and it messes up their circadian rhythm. The other reason is their mind is racing at night and they are wired despite being tired. This is where L-Theanine comes in. You will feel cool as a cucumber while taking this.

I have taken L-Theanine on its own one time, I borrowed a serving from my client, and boy did I feel relaxed. I have never taken Xanax before but I imagine this is the effect that people get. Since men never share their feelings I am only going off what I have heard women say, but taking a Xanax and/or having a glass of wine is not the way to calm you down. Xanax will make you drowsy (so you cannot take early in the day) and studies have shown that it actually makes anxiety worse in the long run. Plus alcohol makes you sleep worse and obviously isn't ideal for optimal body composition. L-Theanine will calm you down and have you feeling care free and it doesn't make you drowsy. Super important because you can take this before/during work if you are on edge while not decreasing performance. You can take it mid day if you're running around with the kids or have to do all of their homework. This can truly be a game changing supplement for people.

Back to my client who I borrowed a serving from...she doesn't really have a super stressful job but she does manage a team underneath her so she has her moments. Her main issue has been always overthinking every situation. She could be tired at night but up until midnight or later because her brain won't shut off and she is overthinking everything. That would lead to poor sleep and it's also annoying feeling like that constantly. But within two days she texted me and noticed a huge difference in how she felt. One of her workers called out for the week and she had to make up all of that work on top of what she normally does but she didn't get stressed out and got it done. Normally she said she would freak out but this time she let it roll off her shoulder and didn't worry about it. She has also noticed her sleep has really improved. She isn't restless at night or up overthinking which has lead to feeling refreshed in the morning.

For about $1 a day you can tackle your anxiety and improve your reaction to stress. Sounds like a home run to me. You can't put a price on quality of life. If this sounds like something you are interested in send me an email at kropp38@gmail.com so we can further discuss and I will hook you up with Nutridyn.

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