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Karol is 45 years old, married with two children in junior high school. She works in NYC and has a minimum 45 minute commute both ways. Her husband has different hours than her so they take turns driving the kids around and watching them. She has also been following a vegan diet for a few years now. For about one year she was taking one of the group classes that I teach which runs 3x a week. She was taking a 7 am train into the city and wasn’t getting home until 6:30 pm so she would catch the 7 pm class. It’s a fun class and the group is very close, however when it comes to fat loss I like a more personal approach and it’s not always about “fun, sweaty workouts.” One day she had a talk with me about switching to 1 on 1 training. She was torn because she wanted to stay with her friends but after seeing a picture of herself deadlifting she was unhappy with how she looked. Then when her job made her stay later she started to miss classes and made the jump to training. We train once a week at 8 PM, after a long day in the city, and she does her remaining 3-4 days I gave her on her own time.

My favorite part of the process was how she made a deal with her husband to take care of the kids so she could always have her one hour a day for the gym. She would let him watch football all day long on Sundays but he had to be home after the 4 PM games so she could go to the gym and someone would be home for the kids. It wouldn’t matter if she worked a 10 hour day and was exhausted, she came and worked her tail off. We also did a 10 day elimination diet to see how she reacted to foods and we found out quinoa was destroying her stomach, something she ate almost every day! Between the personalized training programs, figuring out what foods were good and bad for her, plus proper supplementation for a vegan diet she was able to drop a great deal of body fat and then put on muscle as well! She loves how she looks and feels but her favorite part and new motivation is being a role model for her daughter. She will come to the gym to watch her mother or workout herself and I can see their bond growing stronger. 💪🏼💪🏼

P.S. so this was a caption I wrote at the very beginning of COVID. I saw Karol last night for the first time since the day we took that picture on the right, the last time we were both at the gym before it closed, and I am very proud that she still looks exactly the same! Despite not having access to the same weights/equipment, starting a new and demanding job with more hours, plus dealing with the kids being home, she STILL made time to workout and stay active. I'm all about results but I want lasting results. Not just a quick photo shoot then put a few back on. I want year round results and a new lifestyle. This consistency is the key to health and longevity. No gimmicks, just RESULTS BABY.

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