• Nick Kropp


This edition of #resultsbaby we are going to highlight my client Ben. He is in his late 30s, has a wife and 4 kids, with a 5th on the way, and has a budding company where he devotes a ton of time and energy. Oh and he also does EMS and spends Sundays both coaching and playing hockey. Talk about a busy life! When he came to me he was logging his calories, drinking isogenic shakes, eating a lot of fruit and was fairly new to weight training. He was a first responder on 9/11 and has been suffering from health issues since, while also dealing with lower back and shoulder pain. Sounds like a lot, right?

But despite working a TON of hours, balancing out time with the family and then adding in some time for himself to work on his health, he was laser focused and super consistent. He was at his worst when he was "too fat to see the scale" at around 270-275 pounds, and the picture on the left was right before we started working together at 240 pounds. He got himself started but he needed a little guidance and needed to change a few things.

The "secret recipe" for his transformation was strength training 3-4x/ week, focusing on increasing protein and eating real food not just drinking his calories, while ditching the stress and time of calorie counting, and most importantly SLEEP. There were a few times I gave him a few days off to sleep and then he magically blasted through a plateau despite not working out. He dropped all the way down to 205 and in the picture on the right he's about 215 with more muscle. He is looking better and leaner than when he was 200 lbs in high school.

With the increased energy and improved health he is able to handle a demanding schedule, has inspired his family, friends and coworkers to all the join the gym with him, and he's really grown his company. His 9/11 doctors are thrilled with his test results and the shoulder and back pain is way less of an issue. He also believes that without all of this progress it would have been extremely hard for him to recover from COVID. He's doing great now and is feeling back to normal.

It's not magic my friends. He's one of the busiest people I know. If he can make the time then you have no excuse.

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