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Review of Fat Loss and Hypertrophy Camps

It's been almost a week since I attended the Body Composition and Hypertrophy Camps at Kilo Strength Society and it's time to weigh in (pun intended)! I am currently listening to Lofi Hip Hop radio on YouTube, recommended by Stephane. Always up for new music to listen to while working on my projects or relaxing at home. These two classes were really important for my business. Why? Because 99% of my clients want to look better naked. Whether it's the busy mother who wants to look like she's in her 20s, the male who works 60 hours a week and let himself go or the high school kid who is tired of being skinny, everyone wants to (and everyone NEEDS) to lose fat and gain muscle. The less fat, the less inflammation. The more muscle, the healthier you are. General statements but they apply.

As a trainer you should be able to produce awesome before and after pictures with your clients. Not ones where you look and can't tell which was the before and which was the after. I'm talking eye popping DAMN I WANT THAT results. I've been to many courses and learned from many mentors and read many books, if I had to choose someone to learn from it's Stephane Cazeault at Kilo Strength Society. Extremely smart but the important thing is he is a great teacher. Everything is very easy to understand and there is a whole system to his methods. Having a system makes everything so much easier. I'm probably repeating myself but it wasn't until I did my first Kilo course where I finally started to understand programming then I took a course in person and really started to understand periodization. I don't take on clients for 2-3 months for a before and after just to say See Ya and then they lose all of their progress. I want my clients for life. They get results for life. So you really need to be on your game when it comes to programming and periodization.

So what really makes Stephane's work stick out? He spent years working in a high end facility where he had access to doctors and labs where he could measure and assess blood work after each training phase. Cortisol, DHEA, hormones, stress, blood sugar, everything. He has years of blood work that shaped his methods. He modeled his periodization to optimize DHEA and cortisol levels which is mind blowing if you think about it. Talk about maximizing results! The majority of the training world just wants to beat the shit out of their clients and pound them into the ground. All while telling them to eat less. They have it backwards. I really love how Stephane approaches this.

The problem with the fitness world is everyone from clients to trainers thinks you need to workout more and eat less. If that were the case then more people would be successful. It's not sustainable though. I've been preaching to my clients for years about how I want them to be able to eat as much as possible so they don't feel like they are dieting. The way Stephane structures his fat loss allows for maximizing calories and minimizing cutting of calories until the end. You want to be a machine in the gym and eat to recover so you can perform. We've all been there where we cut calories dramatically and are sluggish all day, can't sleep and have no energy to workout. You need to change things up. If people spent less time chasing calories in vs calories out and worried about the bigger picture, they would be successful. Maybe it's my coaching, but my clients who want calorie plans and base their days around calories, we are rarely successful. My clients who focus on hard work in the gym with proper strength training while changing their eating habits and not counting ALWAYS have success. Doesn't mean you can't/shouldn't count calories, I just find it inefficient and you miss out on the big picture.

Ok back to the Fat Loss camp, not only did we go over short term programming but we also covered long term. We all have clients who lose weight then disappear for a little/get sick/go on vacation then they come back and need more fat loss. Well you can't do the same thing you just did with them before. He went over all of the nuances; what, when, where, why to do certain things. As a trainer that takes out all the guess work and has armed me for every situation possible. Plus..you can't train fat loss all year round. You have to eventually train for muscle and strength, which will improve fat loss.

The Hypertrophy camp was the exact same thing. Bodybuilders are a different beast and some of them are very enhanced. You cannot go by what they do, just keep increasing volume and pounding themselves into the ground. You have to be realistic. Stephane showed us how to properly program and progress a client who's goal is hypertrophy. We actually mapped out 4 years worth of examples!! He had access to blood markers, he knows the right amount of volume needed and when to back off. Unless my clients just eat like dog shit or only work out 1-2x a week it will be literally impossible to not get results. He has given us all the tools that are already proven to work and backed by blood work and years of results. Confidence is through the roof. Really ready to change some bodies now. Can't wait for some of my boys to get back from college, we haven't trained in over a year now with the pandemic, so they'll be fresh to put on new muscle. And any future client...get ready to get your ass kicked.

The big emphasis here is going IN PERSON and learning. YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THE METHODS YOURSELF. How can you put someone through a workout you don't understand? I was reminded the hard way about what fat loss workouts should feel like. Now I know what to look for in my clients while training them. When to push, when to back off. We all need to train hard, not do random exercises. These 6 days at Kilo have really sharpened my axe so I can carve out even more awesome Before and Afters. Thank you for everything you have taught me Stephane!

PS- If you are a trainer and you don't do continuing education then wtf?

PS2- If you have hired a trainer and he/she doesn't do continuing education, then consider hiring a new one. It's your time and money, don't waste it.

PS3- the two women I trained this morning told me I looked jacked today which was awesome. The 12 workouts over 6 days really helped!

PS4- I dislike PlayStation so I need a different format here

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