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Small Business Spotlight: Bradshaw Personal Fitness

It's everyone's favorite fitness family, the Bradshaw Bunch! This month's spotlight will be Bradshaw Personal Fitness. So far all of my interviews have been with people in other fields so I can get a wide perspective of things, but this time I wanted to feature the fitness industry. Many small businesses have been shut down and hit hard from COVID. Luckily here in New York most of us have been operating in full for the past 3-6 months and we are back on our feet, but I'm sure I can speak for many, we were all a little nervous about the future of gyms.

The Bradshaws not only survived, but have made it out on top! With the break they have been able to expand their business to exciting new levels. I love their story about how Eugenia and Tucker met, started the business, and now have the kids involved. They are all multi sport athletes and I see a high end sports performance facility in the near future. Long Island needs one!

Make sure you head over to bpfit.com to check out their website and GO GET THEIR COOKBOOK NOW! The recipes are great and I hate when they post on pictures on Instagram because then I get hungry. Featured in the interview are Tucker Bradshaw, President of BPFIT. Eugenia Bradshaw, Co-Owner and Founder. Gena Bradshaw, Coach and Director of Marketing. We also have Raffaele Bradshaw who is a coach but was not a part of the interview.

Go to the website and here are all the Instagram pages for you to follow!


@coach_bradshaw4 - Eugenia

@genabshaw - Gena

@rbraddd4 - Raffaele


ALSO SUPER IMPORTANT BEFORE YOU LISTEN.....Gena is up for Man/Woman of the Year for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. We are raising money to beat the crap out of cancer! Please donate, any amount big or small counts! Thank you, thank you.

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