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Small Business Spotlight - Sweet and Savoured

Today is a very exciting day! It will be my first small business spotlight! The main reason I started this blog was to give a little behind the scenes look into my t-shirt business but also to showcase other super talented, hard working entrepreneurs across Long Island. I am very drawn to these types of people. They go out and make shit happen, make their dreams come true, instead of making loads of money for someone else. I've been contributing over 6 figures per year to gyms for the last 5 years and the CEOs have had no clue who I am or if I'm happy. I also love the flexibility of schedule and different type of work you get to do. Far from boring. Once COVID hit and I had time to finally bring my vision to life I grew a new sense of appreciation for the people who built something by themselves from scratch. Combine that with some of the heart breaking stories of these small businesses not getting helped and having to close their doors forever. In June I spent a weekend in Chicago and so many store fronts were abandoned. Barbers/hairdressers who were staples in their community were getting arrested for secretly operating. Despite not being well known or having much stake in the game, I can imagine the pain of being forced to shut down something YOU created over 5, 10, 20+ years. All the while these big corporations get bailed out time and time again. So if there's anyway I can help give back it is going to be towards the small business community and local entrepreneurs. Long Island I want us to lift each other up and grow together!

My first spotlight is going to be Dakota from Sweet and Savoured. Dakota and I met a couple of years ago and I've been following her closely on Instagram. She seems to have her hands in so many projects and I love it! I'd rather you guys listen to her so a brief summary...she has her own scone company (she does the baking and everything), created an awesome community of "badass women" through her blog, and does marketing, branding and photography for small businesses start ups. I am very impressed with her work and how much of an impact one person can have so she was a no brainer for my first interview. Yesterday morning I was a guest model for a fitness project (Blue Steel baby) so I got to be apart of a photoshoot and get some behind the scenes action for what she does. Then after that she had a meeting with a client and I got to listen in to their business discussion. Side note for all of you- I am like a sponge. I don't care who you are or what you do, I carefully listen to everyone no matter what field/industry they are in. Success leaves clues...do what other successful people are doing. So even for me being a part of the photoshoot and listening to her meeting will help my businesses out in the future. We concluded the morning with our interview going over where she came from, how COVID affected her business, failed businesses and everything in between. She's an inspiration and I hope everyone takes a few notes from our conversation. Without further ado, I give you Dakota Rose!

Hope you guys enjoyed everything Dakota had to say! I am no Tim Ferriss but at least you don't have to hear any ad reads ;) Please support her she makes amazing scones! Here are her websites and you can find her all over Instagram. If you would like to get in touch for branding/marketing/photoshoots send me a message.



IG- @sweetandsavoured




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