• Nick Kropp

Small Business Spotlight: The Garden Between Us

This month's Small Business Spotlight is with Casey Timmins from The Garden Between Us. Formerly know as Casey's Sprouts. Casey is a farmer on Long Island and as someone who studies nutrition and deals with health as my career, I have a huge appreciation for what he is doing. Out first encounter was at a farmer's market in Sea Cliff. I was actually visiting my first interview, Dakota from Sweet and Savoured, and she told me Casey would be great to interview. He heard us talking about health and supplements so he joined the convo and told me what he was doing with his company. I loved it and wanted to hear more so here we go!

I love the root based coffee that he makes, I was drinking a delicious cup during our interview. We sat down for a very interesting conversation about life and health. I hope you guys enjoy the interview! Check him out on Instagram @barefootedpunk

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