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The Birth of Kropp Tops- Part 2 1/2 It's All in the Logo

What's the first thing someone notices about a business? Its logo! Apple, Nike, Starbucks, McDonalds, etc. everyone recognizes the logo. Before I started working on anything my priority was coming up with a logo. That was part of the reason it took me so long to get started, I couldn't come up with anything that fit what I was trying to do. I didn't want a gym logo, but I wanted something that blended the gym/muscles with clothing or myself. And I believe I was looking at pictures of Arnold or figuring out how I can incorporate a Biceps shot into the letters when I started to play around with ideas.

Once I found that female sticking her leg out like a K, I said that's it! I then went on Fiverr.com to look for an artist. After going through different portfolios and finding something for a good price I sent the idea along with a picture of myself. I was stuck between two different designs. I loved the girl with the barbell for the T but I didn't want too much going on.

This is not meant to be a male dominated brand so I wanted to include the female however after discussing with many friends and family members I went with Terminator on the left.

Now that I had my concept ready it was time to spice it up. My dear mentors/friends over at Kilo Strength Society in Huntington Beach, California have these amazing avatars that look exactly like them so I asked how can I get one of those? I was recommended a different artist on Fiverr, sent him a picture of me along with the black and white logo, and then boom....the amazing caricature logo was created! 3+ weeks of fine tuning and it couldn't have come out more perfect. When this started out all I wanted was a logo for Instagram and my online store. Little did I know everyone would be asking for a shirt with my face and logo on it. As of today there have been 21 orders with my logo on it and that does not include the 15-20 samples I sold before my site went live. By far the most popular purchase. And I always get a laugh when a stranger points out the guy on my shirt looks like me. I knew I needed to nail the logo but never would have imagined it would have this much of an impact.

Wow, imagine I was actually that jacked. Now that we got that step out of the way it's time to learn how to create and sell t-shirts. Tune in next time to the highly anticipated Part 3 1/3.


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