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The Birth of Kropp Tops - Part I The Inspiration

For those who have not been to my website, Kropp Tops is an online store I created to sell funny gym shirts and, you guessed it, crop tops. I've had a few people ask where I came up with the idea so today I will be sharing the tell all of how we got here....

It all started two and a half years ago on a Saturday morning. I was scrolling through Facebook when I came across an article about crop tops in the 80s. They had hunks like Johnny Depp and Mark Wahlberg amongst others. Since high school I have loved funny t-shirts. I remember the first one I bought; "Practice Safe Lunch, Use a Condiment." It always got a laugh and started a conversation, made you feel cool. Once I started working out consistently I started buying funny gym shirts and would always work out in either a funny shirt or a comic book related shirt. I enjoyed the reactions people would give you and again it's an easy conversation starter for a shy kid.

Back to Johnny and Marky Mark....it suddenly hit me. I love gym shirts, I have plenty of stupid ideas and the catchiest name out there, I have to do this. In the back of my mind I also envisioned all these lax bros, meatheads and "young punks" **I'll try to keep this clean ;)** wanting to show off their abs. In today's society it's all about likes and showing off on social media. Immediately my brain went to work and Eat Yolk Get Yoked with Gaston just popped up. I love Disney characters/villains and find them hilarious so as long as I made this shirt for myself I was happy. Then soon after I thought of Fat Bottomed Girls and told my female clients about it and they all loved it. Even a client in her 60s wanted me to save a Purple one for her.

At the time I was starting a sub-corporation for my training business. All the seminars and traveling were adding up so I wanted an S-corp to write off all of my expenses. So during the meeting I talked with my accountant and he mentioned getting a Trademark and all of this complicated stuff. I called a lawyer and he didn't give a straight answer so I focused on my S-corp first.

Once I took care of that I got a job offer and started at a new gym. Had to put in more hours and wasn't making money in the beginning, could barely afford to pay rent. I knew I needed time and money to start the business and I had zero of either so I had to put my dream on the side. Fast forward almost two years and I still have the idea and passion along with a better paycheck, but absolutely no time or energy. Didn't want to have a social life and even had trouble staying awake or paying attention during conversations if I went out on the weekend. It was no way to live and I thought about leaving multiple times but the love for my clients kept me there. I enjoy making my own schedule, being flexible and creating balance, "I'm a peacock you gotta let me fly!" (wow two Mark Wahlbergs in one post)

Then this pandemic hit. This ugly, beautiful pandemic that I am so grateful for. Without this pause in life there is no Kropp Tops. Once I got to sit back and relax and focus my mind expanded! Thinking clearly and able to tap into my creativity I decided to go ALL IN and do whatever it took to get this up and running. My first step was arguably the most crucial point in this young process. Something that eluded me for those two and a half years. It needed to be PERFECT. What's going to grab their attention? Be funny and playful? Represent my brand? I HAD TO NAIL THE LOGO.

Tune in this weekend for Part II- It's All in the Logo

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