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Welcome to the World of Small Business

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

Good morning to all of my family, friends and fans! For those of you who do not know me my name is Nick Kropp. Today I would like say Hi and give everyone a preview of why I am starting this blog.

COVID 19 has completely changed many lives, some better and some worse. During this time I have had to make a few pivots with my career and my business. I was working as a personal trainer at a club while trying to build up my own training business before the world essentially shut down. This gave me a ton of free time on my hands to relax my brain and work on my ideas. Next thing you know I am running a T-Shirt company with a fully functioning online store. I am actually more proud of launching this than anything I have ever accomplished. Now that I understand the work and dedication that goes into creating your own business, I have a huge appreciation for all small businesses out there. And this is what has sparked my idea for a blog!

When businesses had to shut down I heard a few horror stories about the small guys not getting the financial support that the big fish were getting. Big banks were getting bailed out but the little guys who sacrifice their blood, sweat and tears for their dreams were hung out to dry and some had to abandon their dreams. Despite not knowing those people I find it gut wrenching how the people who need help the most are the ones who get screwed in the end.

So how does this blog fit in with that? I want to give you guys an inside scoop as to how I spent months working on this project and all the work that went into it so we can all have a better appreciation for small businesses. I will also be highlighting, as often as possible, small businesses all over Long Island so we can all show more support and help each other grow. You will be given access to future projects and anything interesting going on behind the scenes with my T-shirts. Since my other passion is fitness, I will be including weekly exercise, nutrition and lifestyle posts as well.

I hope we can turn this into a great community and I look forward to the future.

Your new favorite CEO, Nick Kropp

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